United Shipping” facilitates MSC World Europa cruise ship serves for the World Cup fans at Doha Port

Doha – 13/11/2022

United Shipping Agency, a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group Marine Services (QIG Marine Services), facilitated the cruise ship MSC World Europa, which will offer a unique hospitality experience to the World Cup Qatar 2022 fans, at Doha Port.

With a length of 333m, a width of 47m and 22-deck, MSC World Europa is one of the world’s largest cruise ships and a modern floating hotel, which can accommodate 6,700 World Cup fans with 2, 626 cabins and 40,000m2 of public space. It also offers 7 swimming pools, 13 whirlpools, and the most luxurious yacht club, which includes public spaces, outdoor areas and new suites.

To commemorate the event, a Crest Exchange Ceremony was held by MSC aboard the vessel. The Executive Director of Qatari Investors Group Marine Services, Shan Mathews, and the Director of United Shipping Agency, Krishna Nair presented the crests to the Master of MSC World Europa, Captain Marco Massa.

Shan Mathews said: “QIG Marine Services is extremely proud to be associated with MSC World Europa’s maiden call to Doha Port, which demonstrates the strong commitment of MSC’s relationship with Qatar and we deeply respect. We look forward to the success of the Naming Ceremony of MSC World Europa taking place today 13th of November 2022, which is going to be a mega event attended by some of our most esteemed guests”.

“United Shipping Agency, the nominated Marine Services Agent of MSC Cruises in Qatar, is privileged to be associated with MSC Cruises, complementing MSC Cruises’ expertise with our commitment to excellence in service delivery and client satisfaction.” he added.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the involved parties, who worked tirelessly, efficiently and successfully to attend to MSC World Europa at Doha Port” he concluded.

United Shipping Agency is going to facilitate the other two cruise ships, MSC Poesia and MSC Opera expected to arrive this week at Doha Port to serve as well as floating hotels for the world cup fans. The three ships combined can accommodate 13,000 guests.

The World Europa cruise is the company’s largest, most sustainable, and the first ship powered by liquefied gas, one of the cleanest burning fuels available in the cruise industry. The gas reportedly reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 20 percent and reduces nitrogen oxides by 85 percent.