Liner Agency

Containerized cargo movement, break-bulk, and Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) in Qatar for over a decade. Through an in-depth experience in handling all types of vessels, United Shipping Agency is recognized as a trusted partner to prime global shipping carriers.

Our team of experts has a robust understanding of the local market, customers’ needs, commodity trends, and pricing movements. We capitalize on their key knowledge and skills to exceed both our Customers and Principals’ expectations. Striving to consistently deliver superior services, we have gained the trust of our Customers and Principals who have made United Shipping Agency a prime partner in the Liner Agency segment.

Some of the services we can arrange for our Principals

  Sales and marketing function
  Cargo and claim handling
  Container cleaning and repairing
  Surveys and inspections
  Tallying and supervision
  Market intelligence
  Container Operations for Imports / Exports & Transhipments
  Container Inventory Management
  Used Container Sales